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Documentation for TerrabaseDB

Note: All these docs are now in an archived state. They only exist to help existing TerrabaseDB users and will be removed in the future. The latest documentation is available at

Welcome to TerrabaseDB's docs! You will find information about how you can get started with TDB, installation options, configuration and clients.


We have an easy-to-follow guide for Getting Started. Once you've got everything up and running, you can take a look at the available actions here and configuration files.


You can find information on how to build your own clients here. The primary idea is to implement the Terrapipe Protocol.


If you find any typos, mistakes or any other scope of improvement - please don't hesitate to bring it up here. Thank you ❤️!


The documentation is licensed under the CC-BY-SA-4.0 License

Last update: 2021-02-18